No more downtime, no more revenue loss

Panto is a universal solution to free your business from downtimes

Smart Alerting

Panto allows you to create alert based on metric:

  • previous value
  • trend
  • recurrence of value

Rich grammar to better define potential failure situation.
A failure can't always be defined with a threshold, sometimes things get more complicated.
We got you covered!

Infinite data retention

With Panto, you can keep track of your service activity forever, if you want to.
Why is it super important? Because you need to keep a trace of your outage to make sure won't happen again. Or because you want to evaluate your SLAs on the whole year. And compare progress between years.

Panto uses InfluxDB to store the metrics.

Rich dashboarding

Track and display metrics that matters.
From systems administrator to CEO, detect fast and move forward.

We all need amazing dashboards.

About us

Born by need, designed with desire.

Backed by industry leaders, the project is born facing complexity to find global and consistent monitoring solution and total lack of predictive failure alerting. Panto is handcrafted by a 4-person veteran team mostly based in Paris.
We want to address all digital businesses that want to secure their activity with an easy-to-integrate, powerful and clean tool alerting all key operation and C levels. Cutting edge big data technologies and methods are used for the predictive failure detection, intelligent configuration assistant and smart alerting.