Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Panto free?

A. Panto is “free as in beer”. You can download and install Panto for free from our website, and run it for no charge, forever. Go to the installation instructions to get started.

Q. Is Panto open-source software?

A. Panto is “free as in speech”, licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. The Free Software Foundation considers this a free software license. You are free to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

Q. I can’t find the probe to monitor my environment/solution/service?

A. If you really need to monitor a specific service, we welcome contributions to the project; feel free to fork the code, extend the Panto catalog with your own probes and submit a merge request. The Panto server also exposes a client API (gRPC & REST) that you can use to report metrics using any 3rd-party technology.

Q. Will you provide an hosted-version of your service?

A. Of course, It’s the very next order of business for us. Offering a Saas version of Panto will make us sure that your monitoring server is always working. You won’t have to monitor the server that monitors the monitoring service of your service? Wait what about the server that monitors the server that monitors the server that monitors the monitoring service of your site…

Q. How can be alerted ?

A. Panto comes with connexions to slack, email and pager duty. Of course, we might extend the list but the guys at pager duty are doing a great job at managing alerting scheme. So, we will focus on monitoring first.