Google Season of Docs

The Season of Docs is upon us!

While we were all socially distancing, behind our keyboards clicking, LED screens lighting our faces, we didn't even notice the sun popping out. But it's time we put our buff little fingers to good work. Together.

The Cloud Age that our Internet is currently entering would be nothing without a strong foundation of quality open-source software, with thriving communities and shared innovation. Today's most successful open-source projects see participation at a scale never seen before, thanks in part to dependency management systems such as npm, Ruby Gems, Rust cargo, Go modules, and code sharing platforms such as GitHub and GitLab and their tools for maintaining open communication processes with their users.

Great documentation is critical to the success of an open-source project. Google's Season of Docs is a program making it easier for open-source projects to meet, recruit and mentor technical writers, working together to create and improve documentation for the project and foster better communication and promotion of the project for everyone.

We are proud to announce our participation in the program! Panto's documentation has long been extensive but hard to navigate, and we wish to offer, before the end of the year, a revised, upgraded and modernized version of our docs, where information is accessible, and making it possible to pick up and run Panto in a matter of minutes, with full coverage of the complexity of the technology available at a glance.

You will find the details about our projects below. If you are a technical writer and our projects spark your interest, if you know anyone who could be interested, make sure to contact us at

About us

Panto is a cutting-edge IT monitoring platform that leverages years of knowledge and experience in monitoring, and brings powerful innovations to smoothly run IT platforms in the Cloud Age.

Contact us at

Project list

1. Documentation review and rewrite

Much of the documentation for Panto has been written along with the code. The documentation is extensive, but in many places obsolete, or incomplete. Many important notions are buried within walls of text, when some less important concepts are repeated many times throughout.

The documentation is currently separated in roughly 4 sections:

  • Concepts: An overview of the core concepts behind the Panto system.
  • Getting Started: A step-by-step approach to getting a Panto instance up and running
  • Detailed Documentation: A long document containing many diverse subjects such as:
    • Installation
    • Using the web client's interface
    • Command-line arguments
    • Configuration reference
  • API Reference: The documentation of the objects and methods used in the public API including descriptions of the API concepts, Authentication/Authorization processes, systematic reference of every object and method in the API, both available through gRPC and classic HTTP REST.

You can find the existing documentation under the Documentation section (see navigation bar).

The project consists in:

  • Reviewing with the mentors all the current documentation
  • Identifying and removing irrelevant and outdated documentation
  • Re-Ordering the existing documentation to provide a better, more readable, more accessible entry point
  • Helping to complete and automate deployment of all systematic code-related documentation (CLI reference, Configuration references, API reference, etc.)